Authorized Operator

The Bioclean System Opportunity: It's Your Business, Made Better!

Your success is our top priority

When your business becomes a Licensed Bioclean System Operator, you can count on us to be as helpful or hands-off as you need us to be. Bioclean Licensed Operators retain complete control of their company, and many of them choose to take advantage of the many valuable ways we can help them be more successful.

Bioclean System & Supply, Inc. can help you with:
  • • Starting your own business, or...
  • • Upgrading your existing business
  • • Operating under your own name
  • • Taking advantage of leads in your area
  • • Buying and owning a Mobile Wash Unit
  • • Exclusive rights to the Bioclean System
  • • Packaging & shipping of Bioclean products
  • • 2-Day Training Classes (held every other year)
  • • How to structure your office procedures
  • • Technical help for business processes
  • • Research & development assistance
  • • Water Reclamation Compliance
  • • Building your own Mobile Wash Unit, or...
  • • Retrofitting your existing equipment

Wash Bays & Bioclean

Yes, the Bioclean System can even work in Wash Bays! Over-the-road trucks have specific needs, and many times ordinary wash bay equipment cannot address those needs. However, the Bioclean System works extremely well in wash bay applications: at truck stops, truck terminals, and other areas of high over-the-road traffic. Its fast, brushless wand washing system enables the cleaning of parts on your equipment that cannot be reached by brush and brushless stationary wash systems, such as frames,wheels, behind fairings, tanks, reefer units, undercarriage, etc. It can be used in conjunction with these stationary systems, or on its own.

Thinking of adding a Wash Bay?

We can also help you equip your new building, or even renovate your existing building, so you can take advantage of this effective cleaning system. We also represent numerous pump and equipment manufacturers, and through aggressive pricing procedures, can pass along the savings to you. From materials and equipment to methods of construction, chemicals, and training, Bioclean can help you from start to finish, and beyond. Let us solve your wash bay problems today!

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